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Therapy Molecule Strength
Antibacterial Azithromycin Tabs 250mg/ 500mg
Antibacterial Doxycycline Tabs 75mg/150mg
Antibacterial Levofloxacin Tabs  250mg/500mg 
CNS Amantadine Tabs 100mg
CNS Donepezil Tabs 5mg/10mg
CNS Escitalopram Tabs 5mg/10mg/ 15mg/ 20mg 
CNS Eslicarbazipine Tabs 200mg/400mg/ 600mg/ 800mg
CNS Lacosamide Tabs 50mg/100mg/ 150mg/ 200mg
CNS Levetiracetam Tabs 250mg/500mg/ 750mg/ 1000mg
CNS Lurasidone Tabs 20mg/40mg/ 60mg/ 80mg/ 120mg
CNS Olanzapine OD Tabs 5mg/10mg/15mg/20mg
CNS Olanzapine Tabs  2.5mg/5mg/7.5mg/ 10mg/ 15mg/ 20mg
CNS Oxcarbazepine Tabs 150mg/ 300mg/ 600mg
CNS Paroxetine Tabs 10mg/ 20mg/ 30mg/ 40mg
CNS Pregabalin Caps 25mg/50mg/75mg/ 100mg/ 150mg/ 200mg/ 225mg/ 300mg
CNS Risperidone OD Tabs 0.5mg/1mg/2mg/3mg/ 4mg
CNS Rizatriptan IR Tabs 5mg/10mg
CNS Tizanidine Caps 2mg/4mg/6mg
CNS Zolmitriptan  OD Tabs 2.5mg/5mg 
CNS Zolmitriptan Tabs  2.5mg/5mg 
CNS Zopiclone Tabs 3.75mg/7.5 mg 
CVS Amlodipine Tabs 5mg/10mg
CVS Benazepril + HCTZ Tabs 5+6.25mg/10+12.5mg/ 20+12.5mg/ 20+25mg
CVS Clonidine ER Tabs 0.1mg/0.2mg
CVS Felodipine ER Tabs 2.5mg/5mg/10mg
CVS Irbesartan + HCTZ Tabs 150+12.5mg/ 300+12.5mg/ 300+25mg 
CVS Irbesartan Tabs  75mg/150mg/300mg 
CVS Losartan + HCTZ  Tabs 50+12.5mg/100+25mg 
CVS Losartan Tabs  25mg/50mg/100mg 
CVS Niacin ER Tabs  500mg/750mg/1gm
CVS Olmesartan Tabs 5mg/10mg/20mg/40mg
CVS Ranolazine ER Tabs 500mg/1gm
CVS Spironolactone Tabs 25mg/ 50mg/ 100mg
CVS Telmisartan Tabs 20mg/40mg/80mg
CVS Valsartan + HCTZ Tabs 80+12.5mg/160+12.5mg/ 160+25mg/ 320+12.5mg/ 320+25mg
CVS Valsartan Tabs 40mg/80mg/ 160mg/ 320mg
Genito-urinary Solifenacin Tabs 5mg/10mg 
GI Esomeprazole Gastro-Resistant Tabs (Amorphous API) 20mg/40mg 
Others Acetazolamide Tabs 125mg/250 mg
Others Bumetanide Tabs 0.5mg/1mg/2mg
Others Deferasirox Tabs 90mg/180mg/360mg
Others Itraconazole Caps 100mg
Others Montelukast Chewable Tabs 4mg/5mg
Others Risedronate Tabs  5mg/30mg/35mg 
Others Sildenafil Tabs  25mg/50mg/100mg 
Others Tadalafil Tabs 2.5mg/5mg/ 10mg/ 20mg
Others Valacyclovir Tabs  500mg/1gm 
Respiratory Cetirizine CD Tabs 5mg/10mg

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